Service Descriptions

Our rates are 35/hr for our cleaning services.  We have a min. charge of 100.00, but until we know how their home is kept as far as clutter, cleanliness etc... we can't know for sure. 


A bathroom could take 30 - 45 min with full length glass doors, or if they don't clean up after themselves and have a large amount of calcium buildup in the shower/tub, that kind of thing. 


First clean always takes longer and after the 2nd we have a very good understanding as to how their space can be cleaned.


In regards to co-hosting properties, we charge a fee of 10% which includes our co-hosting services such as small maintenance, property checks, calling in trades (plumbers etc), restocking, and handling any issues that arise with the tenants


Our on/call services are 60/hr.

Let's Work Together

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